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Your Exercise Donates Meals

Download Vizer to combat hunger in America. Every day you reach your goal and tap Donate, a brand donates a meal on your behalf.
FREE to download and use - your sweat is your currency!
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Step One: Sweat

You choose your activity challenge each day - either to walk 10,000 steps, accumulate 30 minutes of exercise (exercise minutes tracked via an Apple Watch or Fitbit), or take class at a Vizer partner studio.

Step Two: Give

Every day you reach your goal and tap donate, Vizer partners donate a meal on your behalf. Vizer supports both independent food banks and food banks in the Feeding America network.

Nina G.

Vizer User

Thanks to Vizer I find myself being more motivated and consistent with working out! It is heart warming to know that I am helping others by simply being active. I tell every person I can about this amazing app especially just how easy it is. 

San Diego Food Bank

Vizer Meal Distributor

We feed 350,000 people every single month and we can't do that without great partners like Vizer. Because of them we're getting the word about the services of the San Diego Food Bank and making sure that no child goes to bed hungry.

 Tocaya Organica

Vizer Partner

We love Vizer because it is the perfect intersection of three things we are very passionate about: food, fitness, and giving back to the community. We believe in the power of exercise, so to be able to incentivize that through our restaurant is a perfect fit.

Building Health and Fighting Hunger, Together

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