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Software Engineer

As a Software Engineer you will be responsible for working with other team members to plan, refine, execute and QA feature requests. What will you do? - Attending and contributing to company development meetings. - Participating in morning standups. - Learning the codebase and improving your coding skills. - Writing and maintaining code. - Working on minor bug fixes. - Monitoring the technical performance of internal systems. - Performing code reviews and MR reviews. - Gathering information from users about program functionality. - Conducting development tests and QA. - Taking larger tickets and breaking them down into smaller, mergeable MRs What are we looking for? - Experience with Javascript is a must. - Experience with git is a must. - React experience. Most of our front-ends use React and/or React Native. - Experience with Rails/Ruby is a plus. - Experience in a statically typed language is a plus. Our APIs are primarily built in Rust. You don’t need to know Rust to be considered for the position. - Experience with MySQL and/or PostgreSQL - Experience with Docker is a plus. - Experience with Kubernetes is a plus. As a team, our core values are: We are crafts-people. - We work hard to make room for people to advance by learning new skills. - We strive to be proficient at our craft. - We recognize we are responsible for growing and honing our skills. - We believe growth happens when we step outside of our comfort zones. Diversity and Inclusion - A diverse and inclusive team is essential to building products that everyone can use. - No one is an island. We rely on each other when we get stuck on things. - We do our best to check our ego at the door. High Expectations -- Higher Grace - We have high expectations but face them together - We have grace with each other when something goes amiss - When we don’t hit the target, we readjust, and aim high again - We believe in a no-blame attitude. We are a team. We win and lose together. Clear Communication - Planning and documentation saves time and effort. - Concise and quick communication is key to keeping projects moving. Quality > Quantity - We value quality: Stability is of paramount importance. - Slow is smooth, smooth is fast. Clear Over Clever - A consistent code style is important for clarity and reduction of cognitive load. - Code is read many many more times than it is written. Optimize for the read. Work-Life Balance - A good work-life balance is important for health and happiness. - We recognize that work-life balance is different for different people. We strive to accommodate those differences. If you are interested in applying, please submit your resumé to with a cover letter.