Social Fitness Rewards App Fighting Hunger

When you reach one of Vizer's daily activity goals and tap Donate, corporate sponsors will donate a meal through a partner food bank on your behalf!
Daily goals include:

• Walking 10,000 Steps

• Exercising for 30 Minutes

• Taking Class at a Vizer Partner Studio

Vizer Tracks Your Activity Passively 

Learn how Vizer tracks your activity throughout the day 

Vizer can track steps directly through your phone, Apple Watch, or Fitbit.

You do not need a wearable to participate in the step challenge.

Vizer can track your active minutes through both Apple Watch and Fitbit.

A wearable device is required to complete the active minute challenge.

Reach your goal by taking a workout class at a Vizer fitness partner.


Studio check-ins require Bluetooth and location sharing enabled.

Just Reach Your Goal and Tap Donate

You have until midnight each day to reach your goal and tap Donate in-app.
Meal donations are sponsored by corporate partners and distributed by community partners.

Celebrating Your Exercise and Contributions with Vizer Rewards

Every time that you donate, you earn a point redeemable for FREE items from partnered local businesses. Just 2-3 points is enough to redeem a free appetizer, drink, or even flowers.
Vizer rewards are now live in San Diego and coming soon to a city near you!
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