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3 Ways Vizer Cultivates A Culture of Giving Back

Insights into how Vizer For Work provides employers with the opportunity to help their workforce stay active and make an impact in food insecure communities every day.

Vizer For Work leverages the Vizer app as an employee engagement tool to power organization-wide fitness challenges. Our premium wellness services can help your team curate a culture rooted in health and impact.

Rally Your Team Behind a Common Mission

Remote work has established a sense of disconnectedness amongst employee groups, leaving employers searching for innovative tools to engage their population in a socially distant manner.

Vizer provides a space for all people to come together for a common purpose. By launching one of Vizer’s premium programs, your team is united in a way that promotes positive, healthful outcomes for all.

Wellness in the Workplace

A healthy workforce is a happy workforce! Grounded in proven behavioral economics, Vizer motivates employees to develop long-term whole-person health.

Vizer is proven to engage both avid and emerging exercisers in pursuit of their health and wellness goals. Whether you exercise once a week or 7 days a week, Vizer helps establish long-term healthy behavior through both charitable rewards and community involvement.

Create Healthy Competition

Vizer For Work equips organizations with creative tools and cohort analytics to power team-wide initiatives.

Employees have the opportunity to encourage one another to get their steps in, get their heart rate up, and close their rings all for a common cause, combating hunger in America.

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