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    5 Awesome Health Food Brands Hailing From San Diego

    This post was contributed by VizerTribe author, Camille!

    San Diego is quickly becoming a mecca for all things health and wellness. Brands are popping up left and right, and we are stoked about it!

    Here are 5 of our favorites:

    1. Suja Juice

    Four San Diegans from diverse backgrounds founded this organic juice brand. They all had the same goal of helping people better their lives through conscious nutrition, and they have been wildly successful. Suja makes a variety of 100 percent organic, cold-pressed juices. They have everything from classic green juices to probiotic waters, and each product is chock full of nutritious, delicious ingredients! Whether you’re looking for a juice detox, pre- or post-workout fuel, or a simple afternoon pick-me-up, Suja has it all!

    2. Perfect Bar

    Perfect Bar, the superfood-packed protein bar, was founded by the Keith family. The father, Bud Keith was a health and wellness aficionado and crafted the “perfect” recipe over a decade ago. In his legacy, the family decided to turn this delicious bar into a business. Their hallmark is using the freshest, highest quality ingredients--so fresh these bars need to be stored in the fridge! Each bar is filled with over 20 nutrient-dense, organic whole foods, and they are a great source of plant-based protein. They come in amazing flavors such as dark chocolate almond, coconut peanut butter, and their latest creation that we can’t wait to try: chocolate walnut brownie! Yum!

    3. Paleo Treats

    We just discovered this brand and the obsession is real. These things are beyond good. Paleo Treats carries several different sweets from espresso brownies, to coconut macaroons, to fruit and nut bars. These are strictly Paleo and have unbeatable taste, texture, and ingredients like almond butter, cacao butter, and shredded coconut. They have a storefront on 30th & Adams in North Park if you want to check them out!

    4. Chosen Foods

    Chosen Foods, a line of healthy fats and plant-based proteins, was founded by a Naturopathic Doctor with the mission to “support true nourishment through the rediscovery and accessibility of real food." This is a message we fully support. Chosen Foods makes the heart healthy, sustainable version of all your favorite cooking oils, as well as Paleo mayo made with avocado oil, cooking sprays, and more.

    Pro Tip: Use avocado oil for roasting veggies and other foods in the oven. It has a higher smoke point than olive oil, making it the much healthier option!

    5. Mamma Chia

    Mamma Chia, the first ever organic, chia-based food and beverage company, was started out of a farm in rural San Diego and they’ve grown immensely. You can now find their products in your local grocery store or online at Amazon or Thrive Market. Mamma Chia is best known for their “vitality beverages,” which are organic, non-GMO chia drinks that come in fruity, refreshing flavors. But they also make granola, healthy energy drinks, and other chia-based snacks. We hope you enjoy this guide! Comment below your favorite health and wellness brands from San Diego.