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    Athleisure: Your One-Stop Guide

    This post was contributed by VizerTribe author, Alicia!

    No longer a passing fad, the popular trend coined "athleisure" is here to stay.

    Pushing the effortless look to new levels, athleisure takes our workout wear out of the gym and into our everyday lives. If there is anything better than feeling comfortable in your favorite pair of leggings - it's having the world accept them as a conventional outfit.

    In order to fully embrace this trend there are three things you need to know: where to buy, what to buy, and how to style it (the right way)

    Where can I get the best athleisure basics?

    Fan favorites include brands such as Lululemon, Athleta, and Alo. If you're willing to flex your wallet, this trinity will not disappoint. The quality is unparalleled and the pieces will withstand more than your average wear and tear. For more budget friendly options, brands such as Zella, Fabletics, and Lane Bryant have done an awesome job staying on trend with popular cuts and styles while making it possible to keep your bank account intact.

    What exactly should I buy?

    Leggings: Black goes with everything but it's always fun to throw in some cool patterns here and there. Check these out.

    Light-Weight Tops: The nice thing about athleisure is that your top doesn’t have to be a traditional workout top. The point is to be comfortable - I recommend wearing the softest shirt you can find!

    Outerwear & Shoes: This varies by occasion. Some staples to have on standby include: running shoes (Nike/Adidas/etc.), booties, and sneakers.

    How can I pair together an athleisure outfit?

    Running errands? Throw on some denim and your fave Nikes. Dressing to impress? Pair your leggings with booties and a nice jacket. It's all about the details: a hat, necklace, or scarf can go a long way. The little things you add will reflect your personal style more than anything.

    All said and done, as long as you feel comfortable - you really can't go wrong. As is true with any trend, enabling your own personal style to shine through is the key to success. Just have fun with it!