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Curating Community with defy

defy is a community built by behavior analysts, focusing on using science to help womxn and non-binary individuals elevate their professional and personal lives through coaching, mentorship, and support.

Photo: defy community

defy launched an organization-wide challenge to incentivize exercise and fight hunger.

Read our Q&A with Sarah from defy!

Why Vizer?

Our community was drawn to Vizer because it’s so easy to use! We loved the concept that engaging in healthy behavior (i.e. walking, running or working out) for ourselves could be leveraged to help someone experiencing food insecurity!

What Was The Response?

Our members have been SO excited to participate in the challenge! We’ve seen the number of participants increase week over week as we’ve promoted the challenge and as our members have shared HOW they are reaching their daily step/workout goals.

Tell us about your experience as a challenge organizer!

We are aware of how important it is to make wellness and doing good fun and easy in order to help folks establish and maintain good habits.

Adding the Vizer challenge has been a fun way for us to work collectively as a group to prioritize our own physical well-being AND to meaningfully contribute to decreasing food insecurity which is an issue many of us have personal and professional experience with as a result of most of our members working with vulnerable populations in behavioral health.

We love Vizer!


Interested in launching Vizer For Work within your organization? Learn more about our Vizer For Work program.

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