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Defying The Odds

Content Provided by the Defy Community

Oh hey, Vizer peeps!

We're defy community and we are obsessed with the Vizer app!

Defy community was created by women for women and non-binary individuals. We focus on using behavior science to help our members elevate their personal and professional lives. When we discovered Vizer App we immediately recognized the role behavior science plays in helping to incentivize users to donate meals. We knew using Vizer App was an incredible opportunity for us to create engaging challenges that would allow us to help our diverse and determined community build relationships by engaging in an exercise focused on a shared goal - combating food insecurity. For us, this is more than just fun. This is personal. Many of the members of our community have experienced food insecurity firsthand at some point in their lives. And we don't accept this for ourselves or anyone else. We're going to use our blog posts to share stories of our community and how we've used the best of behavior science to defy the odds and live our best, healthiest lives. Because if we can YOU can. So come on and defy with us!

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