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Greek Chickpea Fava Burgers

Makes 8 Burgers | 278 calories | 15g protein

Ingredients For the Patty:

1 cup of dried chickpeas

1/2 white onion

3 tbsp. minced garlic

1/2 cup of breadcrumbs

1/2 cup of whole wheat flour

1/4 cup of green onions

2 tbsp. parsley

1 tbsp. cilantro

1 tsp. cumin

1 tsp. allspice

1 tsp. salt

1 tsp. pepper

2 tbsp. olive oil

1 cup vegetable broth

For the Burger:

Kalamata olive spread

Butter lettuce

Heirloom tomato

Pretzel bun

Pickled white cabbage


  1. Rinse the chickpeas and soak overnight in cool water. After soaking boil until tender.

  2. Dice white onion, mince garlic, and sauté in 1 tbsp. of olive oil until aromatic. If the onion and garlic are sticking to the pan, feel free to add up to 1 cup of vegetable broth.

  3. Add cooked chickpeas, cooked fava beans, and sautéed onion and garlic to a food processor. Pulse until the mixture is well mixed, but some chickpeas are still whole.

  4. Add breadcrumbs, green onions, parsley, cilantro, cumin, allspice, salt, and pepper to a food processor. Pulse again.

  5. Add ½ cup of whole wheat flour to the food processor and pulse on low. Use a rubber spatula if necessary to scrape the mixture down from the side of the mixer.

  6. Once the mixture has thickened, use 1 tbsp. of olive oil to line the sheet pan. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

  7. Flour your hands and mold ½ cup of the mixture into a patty. This recipe makes 8 patties.

  8. Cook patties for 20 minutes and then flip, cook for 20 more minutes or until the patties begin to brown.

  9. Warm buns in the oven, then add all the fixings!

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