How Spin Got Me Back In the Gym

Post contributed by Vizer user, Erika!

I’ve always been the person who wants to work out and be in shape. But I absolutely hate going to the gym. I find myself roaming from machine to machine completely lost on what to do. Even worse, with no one to hold me accountable, I’m usually out the door within thirty minutes.

But after moving to San Diego, I realized there were other ways to get a good workout in. Not only is the city beautiful to run, but it seems like every street corner houses a boutique fitness studio. Barre, boxing, boot camp, you name it. Everyone I’ve met has their niche workout they love, and they’re sticking to it.

For me that workout was spin.

I am the type of person who thrives in a team environment with someone leading. Spin provides that and more. Not only am I getting a good workout in, but there are a ton of social and emotional benefits as well.

These are the top 3 benefits that keep bringing me back to the bike:

Tough Workout

I used to think that spin would be easy. Wow, was I wrong! At 22 years old, I like to think that a lifetime of sports has put me in decent shape. But every time I leave the studio I am drenched in sweat and can feel my muscles burning. I power through 400 calories each time without blinking an eye.

Good Vibes

Working out releases positive endorphins in your brain, and when you couple that with the energy in the room, a spin class can turn a bad day into a good one. When I’m on the bike I forget all of my problems from the day, and focus on the ride. The energy your fellow riders brings affects your mood, and that continues well after you leave the room.

All-Star Community

The camaraderie doesn't end after the class. Every spin class I've been to ends with people chatting, high-fiving, and getting to know one another. Although these relationships may not turn into friendships outside of the studio, you always have a feeling of support when you’re in class together.

Spin has brought life back into my workout, and I couldn’t imagine maintaining a workout routine without it. What is your favorite boutique fitness workout and why?