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Impact Spotlight: Meet Guadalupe

My name is Guadalupe. Last year, I was diagnosed with diabetes. It’s hard to stay healthy. But, I’ve been volunteering at this food pantry for two years, and when I told them about my diagnosis, they started giving me a box of foods specifically designed to help manage my diabetes.

It’s wonderful, and it has really helped. I couldn’t afford to buy the healthy grains and fresh produce on my own. My husband works full time, but I’m disabled and don’t have that opportunity, so we don’t have a lot of money. The box however, gives me the healthy foods I need for free. It’s amazing.

There’s a lot of stuff in the box that I don’t know what to do with, but the wonderful thing about this pantry is people not only give us the food, they also tell us how to cook it – so I’ve been trying a lot of new things. I’ve lost weight in the process!

The food I’m given of course helps, but what also helps me be healthier is the community I have at the pantry. Other volunteers here have diabetes, and we can give each other tips and tricks, and support each other. That support goes a long way, and you know, makes me feel happy.

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