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Just Keep Swimming

Ever felt tired after a long day in the pool? That’s because swimming works out your entire body. You might not notice this because swimming is a low-impact exercise that works out all your body muscles with the pressure of the water. Swimming is a competitive sport seen in the Olympics, a recreational activity, and a form of exercise.

Health Benefits

A hot summer day is not the only reason to go swimming; it has plenty of health benefits. Some of those include:

  • Keeping your heart rate up

  • Building endurance, muscle growth & cardiovascular fitness

  • Maintaining a healthy weight

Building endurance and keeping your heart rate up is important to maintaining healthy cardiovascular and respiratory systems. It can also help prevent diabetes, heart disease, or strokes.

Swimming is a workout that promotes and maintains weight loss. A healthy weight prevents the risk of heart disease and stimulates muscle strength/growth.


Below are some fun styles you can try to help complete your 30-minute active goal on the Vizer app:

1. Freestyle/Front Crawl

  • The picture that comes to mind of a person swimming is probably doing a freestyle/front crawl. This is having your body face down and altering from side to side while pushing your arms forward.

2. Backstroke

  • This technique is the same as freestyle but with one difference: you will be on your back.

3. Breaststroke

  • Just like the freestyle, you will be face down but your arms and kicks will be in a frog-like motion.

4. Butterfly

  • The butterfly is a more advanced style that’s best described as a wave-like motion. If you’re up for the challenge, this will be loads of fun!

Swimming is a great activity to get a full-body workout and your heart pumping. Remember to just keep swimming to complete your 30-minute active goal on the Vizer app in order to donate a healthy meal to someone in need!

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