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Reaching Your Goal at a Vizer Studio

Reach your daily goal by checking-in at a participating studio or gym

Vizer partners with fitness locations who want to empower their community to donate meals by taking class.

When you enter the studio, make sure your location is shared with Vizer, and scan the QR code at the check-in desk. This is how Vizer checks you in for class!

Don’t forget to open the app and tap Donate to donate your meal.

Find a full list of participating fitness locations near you in-app

The Vizer studio marketplace will show you what fitness facilities are participating near you.

If you don't see your favorite gym or studio, nominate them in app or share more information about Vizer so they can learn more!


Are you a studio or gym owner interested in becoming a Vizer check-in location?

Vizer is quick to implement, rewarding to use, and requires zero management from studio staff. Learn more about becoming a fitness partner today!

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