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Redeeming Vizer Points

Vizer Points are currently available in select metro areas. To find Vizer rewards near you, browse your reward marketplace. Do you know of a local business who would make a great reward partner - nominate them in-app!

Earning Vizer Points

Every time you donate a meal on Vizer, you earn a point redeemable for rewards from local businesses.

Just as your daily workout = 1 meal donation, 1 donation = 1 reward point.

Where To Redeem Vizer Points

Vizer rewards are offered by health-forward businesses who value community-wide health and impact. These businesses celebrate your exercise and contributions by accepting Vizer points for healthy drinks, appetizers, or experiences.

Flower Child is a Vizer reward partner who lives and breathes the mission healthy food for a happy world. They are currently celebrating three meal donations with a FREE avocado hummus.

This flavorful vegan starter is the perfect plant-based kickoff to your meal. Made with sweet corn, radish, clementine & pumpkin seed, it is sure to spark your taste buds.

How To Redeem Vizer Points

Step One: Visit Participating Vizer Reward Location

Vizer rewards are redeemed in person.

The marketplace is sorted by location to show rewards that are closest to you.

By clicking on the reward profile, you can browse what items are being offered before you arrive.

But don't redeem until you are ready to check-out!

Step Two: When Your Server Is Ready, Tap Redeem

You can browse all of the rewards in the marketplace before you Redeem. But once you tap Redeem, your Vizer points will be cashed in for a coupon to redeem your free item.

Make sure you are at the location and your server is ready to accept your item before you tap Redeem in app.

Step Three: Activate Coupon and Show Server to Claim

Now that you have cashed in your Vizer points, it is time to collect your reward!

To do so, activate the countdown in-app and this will make the reward live.

Show this live countdown to your server so they can complete the redemption and provide you with your reward.

Supporting Local

Restaurants and local businesses need our support! You can support the businesses who celebrate you on Vizer by ordering additional items when you redeem, sharing your redemption experience on social media, and encouraging friends to redeem points from participating locations.

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