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Q&A with TechStyle

TechStyle Fashion Group is a global fashion retailer known for its membership-based digital brands Fabletics, Savage X Fenty, JustFab, ShoeDazzle and FabKids.

Photo: TechStyle Fashion Group

TechStyle Fashion Group launched an organization-wide Vizer For Work challenge to incentivize exercise and fight hunger.

Read our Q&A with the TechStyle team!

Why Vizer?

Our team was drawn to partnering with Vizer because we felt that offering a Vizer activity challenge would be a great way for our employees to give back in both a safe and fun way. Our employees are especially passionate about giving back and we’re always looking for creative opportunities to allow our employees to do so through TechStyle.

While our team has been working remotely, it’s been difficult to find ways to give back safely while seeing high levels of engagement. The Vizer challenge was a great fit for our company’s needs because our employees could easily give back in their own time, safely. And the challenge encouraged high levels of fitness for all participants, supporting our employees’ well-being.

How was the program received?

The feedback was extremely positive when we launched the Vizer challenge. Our team members enjoyed the challenge because it held them accountable to exercise regularly and start the new year off strong.

At TechStyle, we know that having healthy and happy employees is essential to our strong company culture. Partnering with Vizer allowed us to encourage team members to exercise regularly and give back in a safe way, which contributed to employee well-being.

Especially for our Fabletics team, self-care is a big part of our brand culture and we always encourage our community members to be active.

Tell us about your experience as a challenge organizer!

With the help of the Vizer team, we were able to easily track how our competition was going. Vizer is a great tool because it offers a social and competition aspect that we haven’t found in other wellness tools, which led to strong engagement across our teams.

The Vizer app is a great way to encourage healthy habits and is easy for our employees to integrate into their busy lives. We’ve heard positive feedback from our employees who participated and some mentioned that they would want to continue using Vizer or would want to participate in another challenge.


Interested in launching Vizer For Work within your organization? Learn more about our Vizer For Work program.

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