Three Manifestation Secrets

We interviewed intuitive channel, celebrity energy healer, & founder of Ahai 7D Energy Healing Christina Rice on all things manifestation.

What is Manifestation?

Manifestation is shifting your reality through shifting your own energy, and taking action in alignment with what you desire.

We attract what we are, so the question becomes: How do I embody the frequency of what I desire?

When you do, your reality rearranges in alignment with this.

Read Christina's top three manifestation tips to help you create the reality you truly desire
1. Visualize or Script

One of my favorite daily manifestation practices is to visualize or script what your life is like when you have what you desire. Get in a centered state, close your eyes, and visualize your day from start to finish when you have what you want - get as detailed as you can, and spend as much time here as you want. If visualizations aren’t your thing, try scripting - take out a journal and write out a journal entry describing everything you’re going to do that day, from the perspective of already having what you desire.

There are two key pieces to both techniques. First, visualizing or scripting out what your life will be like when you have what you desire will allow you to see the gaps between where you’re at now and where you want to be. When you have what you want, how do you spend your time? What’s your morning routine like? What’s your energy like? Who do you spend time with? These details are things you can start incorporating into your life now.

Second, and more importantly, these practices allow you to feel the vibration you wish to feel in your body, now. You don’t have to wait until you get the “thing” to feel the way you want to feel. The reason why we really desire certain things is because we want to feel a certain way. Through these practices, you can feel that way right now, and the more time you spend in that vibration, other things of that same vibration come straight to you. Spending 10-15 minutes a day immersing yourself in the feeling (frequency) you’re looking for will supercharge your manifestation practice.

2. Release

One of the most important parts of manifestation is releasing anything that isn’t in alignment with the frequency you want to feel in your life, anything that is holding you back, or anything that is less than 100% of what you desire. You’re naturally a high-frequency person - the key is figuring out what in your life is holding you down. This could be emotions, relationships, parts of your career or your career overall, or habits. When you think about the life you want to create, what in your life right now doesn’t fit in with that? What’s draining your energy? Where are you settling? Where are you not showing up as the most aligned version of yourself? Your visualizations and scripting can help you recognize these places. When you release what’s no longer serving you, your vibration naturally rises, and you attract higher vibrational things. Remember, what you’re holding onto is taking up energetic space. If you want something better to come in, you have to make room for it…

3. Face Your Fears

One of the most surprising reasons why people aren’t manifesting what they want is because they’re afraid of actually getting it. For most people, this is beneath conscious awareness, but really think about it - how will your life change when you have what you desire? What will you have to release to get there? What responsibilities will you take on? How will it affect your relationships? What will be required of you? In what ways will it push you out of your comfort zone? Is there any part of you that’s secretly relieved when you don’t get it? These points of subconscious resistance are a main reason why people don’t attract in what they desire.

If you want more money but you’re afraid of losing it, you’re afraid you won’t know how to manage it, you’re afraid people will treat you differently, you’re afraid you won’t have an excuse to stay where you’re at, and so on - then it’s not surprising that you’re not attracting it in. If you want to find your life partner but you’re afraid you’ll have to give up weekends with your friends, you’re afraid your other relationships will change, you’re afraid to let someone see the most vulnerable parts of you, you’re afraid to tell someone about your past, you’re afraid of heartbreak — these are blocks to receiving it. We have to be truly open to receiving what we want in order for it to come in.

Brain dump about any and all potential fears, doubts, points of resistance, or limiting beliefs related to what you want. When you face these head on, you can ask yourself if they’re really true, and start to shift your perspective around them.

Bonus tip: Sometimes people are afraid of getting what they want because of assumptions, but this is how you can refine what you’re calling in. For example, if you’re afraid when you meet your partner you’ll have less time with your friends, call in a relationship where you’ll still have plenty of social time with your friends.


If you’re ready to manifest the life you desire, check out Christina's book, Manifestation Mastery: How to Shift Your Reality & Co-Create with the Universe.